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  • Ryan Robicheaux

Time to Get Excited!

Here's an update for everyone, and a welcome one at that.

What you see here is a cover mock-up that I just received today. Over the next several weeks, many more behind the scenes tweaks will be made, and formatting will begin on the manuscript. By mid to late January, I will have a team of professionals assisting with the rest of the process. This will ensure that a quality, polished work will be available for all on day one of the release day.

At this time, I do have to prepare for my standard yearly airline check ride, which does take most of my time and focus to ready myself for. That being said, my team will be working for me to hopefully have everything ready to go, hopefully even as early as this Spring.

The book cover will still go through several edits and iterations, and I absolutely welcome any and all comments or critiques. My hope is to have a few final designs to choose from, which I will then present as a fun contest to see what my loyal readers here like the most (this will weigh in heavily on my final decisions).

Before we can get to that stage, however, the final proofreading and formatting will need to be completed first. As I have navigated this journey, I have learned more than I ever thought one could know about publishing a book. Even still, I admittedly know very little because the subject is intensely complex, so it's a good thing I'm hiring some more help!

In the coming months, expect a few more updates and announcements.

We are now getting to the very exciting and fun part, and I thank you for joining in on this journey. Have a great holiday season, and I'll talk to everyone once again in 2021!

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