I grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  During my senior year of High School, after getting my private pilot’s license, I watched in disbelief as several hijacked airliners were used as weapons to kill thousands of my fellow Americans.  I joined the Louisiana Army National Guard as a combat medic.  Shortly after my college graduation I went on Army active duty, attending Warrant Officer Candidate School and Flight School.  I couldn’t wait to take my crack at the enemy.  I made good grades and was awarded with a slot to fly the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, an agile reconnaissance and attack helicopter. 


I deployed twice to Afghanistan with 3-17 Cavalry; one year out of Bagram Airbase, and almost a year out of Kandahar.  I dealt with a frustrating climate that made it incredibly difficult to support our ground guys and kill our enemies, but many times we still managed.  I had my fill of war after my return from Kandahar, so I separated from the Army and became an airline pilot. 


Now I am a happily married father, moving forward with life.  

In true military veteran fashion, I of course love: scotch, smoked jerky, Black Rifle Coffee, the smell of gunpowder, jet exhaust, and freedom.

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