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Ryan Robicheaux Kandahar Flight

Right out of high school, 9/11 spurred Ryan to join the Army National Guard as a medic. Upon graduating from college, he transferred into the active duty component of the Army, becoming a warrant officer and attending flight school.

He deployed twice to Afghanistan as an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior pilot assigned to 3-17 Cavalry—one year out of Bagram Airbase, and nearly a year out of Kandahar. After returning from Kandahar, Ryan separated from the Army and became an airline pilot.

Time served in Afghanistan has resulted in a slightly busted verbal filter, a bent yet vibrant sense of humor, and a drive to stay involved with and support fellow veterans. He wishes to simply appreciate and enjoy life, and his wife Lindsey, daughter Robin, and dog Scout are his world.

Additionally, in expected fashion, he loves: the outdoors, the smell of gunpowder and jet exhaust, single malt scotch, smoked jerky, strong coffee, and freedom.

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