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Audiobook Time!!

In the spirit of fancy Instagram collage announcements, I couldn’t help myself with this photo! What does an engraved Cavalry revolver, pearls, and a cup of tea—okay, Laphroaig scotch, meant to mimic tea—have to do with anything (other than a good day)? Admittedly, not much. I contend however that lattés and flowers next to books surrounded by cinnamon sticks and whatnot across Instagram and Facebook don’t, either!

Jokes aside:

This is the OFFICIAL AUDIOBOOK release of Scouts Out! on all major listening platforms!

I know that some of you have discovered this on your own, and may have been wondering why I waited until now to announce it. The answer is simple: the release was staggered across so many platforms (the distribution network will eventually reach a total of 45 separate vendors) and I wanted to wait until at least all of the major audiobook services had it.

Still, there's many, many more minor platforms that I'm still waiting on. To give you an idea, here's every market it will eventually be available on:

Exciting, right?! I don't even know what most of these are!

At the end of this post, you’ll be furnished with a selection of active links, and the list will continue to be updated as each of these go live. At present, the Scouts Out! audiobook is available on Amazon’s Audible, Spotify, Apple Books, Barnes & Nobel, KOBO, and several other platforms.

Before we move on, please do note the following disclaimers:

Apple Books, Google Play, and Storytel users:

These vendors have included random audio samples rather than the proper one which was furnished to them. As a result, these audio samples lack proper context. If you’re a user of one of these services and wish to hear a sample of the audio, please consider listening to the audiobook sample from other platforms (such as Amazon, Spotify, etc) to get a proper feel for the book until this situation is resolved.

Amazon Audible users:

Please Note: If you lack an Audible credit, Amazon will overcharge you. The ultimate power of Amazon to set pricing leaves me unable to fight this all-too-powerful megalith of a company. Please consider using Spotify or others if you’re short a credit and still want to support me—I’m not here to make extra money off the practices of Amazon. Thank you!

End of Pesky Disclaimers.

Look! The Scouts Out! audiobook even already made Amazon's "HOT List!"

I am beyond pumped to finally debut this—Scouts Out! is now available in every possible format (audiobook, ebook, soft and hard covers) and accessible across all global markets! I am very satisfied and pleased with the presentation recorded by my narrator, Mr. Timothy Little. I'm confident that you will be, too.

After listening, I humbly ask one small-to-you but huge-to-me favor:

Please consider leaving a quick review on whatever platform it is that you’re listening on. The vast majority of my reviews appear on Amazon (thank you!), but those reviews do not populate on other sites. Thank you for your consideration and helping spread the word! If you would like to easily pass my info along, feel free to furnish this link to people and/or this QR code which now tidily has all of my things in one place!

So, what’s next?

In the seven challenging years spent creating Scouts Out!, I can definitively say that the overall efforts and difficulties proved worth it in the end. On a personal level, in the course of this experience, I discovered that writing books and stories has become a part of who I am.

I've heard people mention that authors are "addicted to writing," however I don’t believe that this is entirely correct. Instead, when people become "authors," this leads them into a “passion" for writing and literature. A good author simply embraces and accepts that part of who they've become. I'm not sure where this journey will lead me to next, but my little sketch book of future ideas is starting to get a lot more attention!

Continuing forward:

Anything outside of announcements or material directly related to the Scouts Out! project will come from Rotorhead Publishing in the future. As a subscriber to this blog and/or the email list, you will not have to do a thing on your end to stay in that loop. I’m simply putting it out there for awareness, and I will also still provide a “heads up” post for any new book project announcements, large website overhauls, or blog consolidation plans.

At present, website building nerds are hard at work on my behalf. The Rotorhead Publishing website will become an additional destination for author signed copies of Scouts Out!, as well as information regarding future projects. During 2023, this very website will also receive a facelift. Thanks for sticking with me as this dream grows!

Without further adeu, here are the Scouts Out! audiobook links so that you can get listening and also share with your family and friends.

I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support and shares! Sincerely—thank you!!

Happy listening!

—Ryan (and Scout)

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