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The Current State of Things

Time for an Update.

I understand that it's been longer than mere weeks since the last time I wrote anything on here. As I've moved through the process of searching for an agent and/or a suitable publishing house, I've learned even more about how publishing works. Unfortunately not only for myself but the entire globe, the COVID pandemic has slowed everything down substantially. For instance, it's hard to tell if any messages or submissions that I'm making get through, or if they're instead going to mailboxes that are no longer monitored (or at least not as frequently).

A glimmer of hope has been through the interest of a publisher that I was really hoping would like it. They have read the entire manuscript, and are looking for a time in their schedule that may support getting it published. They have not committed, and warn that it'll either be quite some time in the future, or even perhaps not at all. It's a positive yet non-committal response, but it's also a door that is cracked instead of shut so I'll gladly take it.

The year 2020 has started out poorly for everyone, and I hope that there will be some relief on the horizon. In addition to working to get published, I am also like many out there that are simply fighting to stay employed. As an airline pilot with potentially not enough seniority to save me from furlough, my paramount goal at this time is to ensure that I can at least can put food on the table. The tough times ahead will not beat us however, and I can guarantee that we'll emerge stronger for it. That is to include my determination to canvas every agent and publisher out there until I find one who believes in the story of our brothers and sisters in the Kiowa Warrior community and all that was witnessed and endured.

Just as in my last post several months ago, I leave you to go about your day and appreciate you stopping by to read this quick update. When more news worth sharing emerges, I'll be sure to keep you in the loop. Stay safe,

"Scout's Out!"


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Ryan Robicheaux
Dec 11, 2020

Thanks brother!


Dec 11, 2020

Hi Ryan, keep the updates coming and don't ever give up on this. I for one cannot wait to read it. Good luck with getting through this difficult period. Remember every cloud has a silver lining. Scouts Out!

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