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Movin' & Shakin'

Since the book launch in the first week of October, life has been quite exciting.

The response has to Scouts Out! has been very strong and encouraging, and although there were some hiccups (likely crap only I even noticed), I couldn’t be happier. Order numbers have definitely also been boosted thanks to external support from two main sources: The Panjwai Podcast, and Vertical Magazine.

The Panjwai Podcast conducted a live video interview with me over social media in late October, and were even kind enough to donate some swag to throw in each box that shipped out using their special podcast coupon code. The interview was very relaxed and a lot of fun, and I am very thankful for Curtis and Luke inviting me on for a special bonus episode. Curtis continues to offer encouragment and support on social media and in any way possible, which is fantastic and much appreciated. Check out the podcast on one of your favorite services here:


Watch the video of the interview on YouTube here:

Vertical Magazine has stepped in to assist by hosting a virtual book giveaway—one for you, one for a friend—by simply tagging them on social media using the links below.

The contest ends on Sunday, 07NOV at midnight EST. Please enter, and share away!

If you indicate upon winning that you're a reader of this blog, I will toss in an extra surprise with your book and plethora of swag.

Enter the giveaway on Instagram here:

Enter the giveaway on Facebook here:

The Vertical brand is giant, global, and is essentially the worldwide authority in promoting all things rotary wing. Vertical encompasses many brands, and Vertical Valor is the one catering to all things military and helicopter related. The exposure and interest in the book have skyrocketed since their social media campaign began only a few days ago, and I cannot thank them enough for all that they’ve done!

After setting up my own Facebook page for the book (I resisted and resisted, but in the end, the evil was necessary), there has been an uptick in interest from that direction too from those outside of the normal circles that may normally gravitate toward such a book as Scouts Out!. This is a big positive in my mind, since I wrote Scouts Out! for a more broad audience than just military members and pilots. I will continue to add photos and videos to this page for the foreseeable future ahead, and encourage you to check it out and share it with your friends:

Additionally, for you Instagram fans, I will also still be posting content and videos here:

I opened up a special business website specifically for author-signed hard cover editions of Scouts Out!, and the response has been very humbling. I feel a deep gratitude that so many would seek out my signature in Scouts Out!, and I ensure that plenty of swag is shipped along with these special, personalized books. If this may be something that interests you, click here.

You may alternatively direct yourself or others to the homepage of and click the yellow button that says “Limited Signed Edition.”

There is always something that can jam up the works, and this next bit affects everyone in the entire publishing and author space out there.

As you know, supply chain and logistical breakdowns are global issues that are ever-present across a vast swath of industries and services. Now, a facet of this problem is hitting me personally.

There exists a critical paper shortage, and this is beginning to really impact the ability to print and ship physical copies of all books. A hard cover edition of Scouts Out!, at last check on Amazon, will not ship until the end of November, or even perhaps early December. This is not only isolated to Amazon, since my other supplier is issuing cautions that it may even be longer!

The crisis hits hard on both traditionally published and independently published books alike. It is my understanding that in Europe, it’s getting so bad that book releases themselves are being postponed, in some cases by a full year! Some publishers are even cited as believing they’ll be out of paper before 2021 ends. Utter and pure chaos.

What can be done?

Well, if you would like a hard cover book, the good news is that I have about 25 hard cover editions remaining in my possession. If you have thought about doing this as a Veteran’s Day or Christmas/holiday gift for a special someone (excellent idea, might I add!), then I’d encourage you to use that “Limited Signed Edition” link to secure one now.

Please read the description carefully, and ensure that you inform me if you are ordering for someone other than yourself, so I sign it to their name instead of yours!

If you are ordering from outside of the United States, my checkout process will not allow you to proceed until alternate arrangements are made directly with me. I have done this because international shipping, even for a 6x9 book, has gotten very expensive. I want to make sure that I give you a fair quote first, so please contact me and we will try to get you all squared away.

To qualify this policy with an example: I just went through this with two Canadians—one understood and we made it work, and one did not and we haven't found an amicable solution. Me essentially giving away a book, as well as spending $20 above my own costs to ship said book doesn't make much sense. In these cases, I wish there were better options available for author-signed copies, but I'm afraid that this is the new world we live in. Amazon still remains the best place for an international order (or any order for that matter) to be easily fulfilled, especially via Kindle copy which is unaffected by the aforementioned supply and logistical expenses and issues.

Finally, and on a more positive note, I was just featured on another rather large podcast that will be released soon. The Hazard Ground Podcast interview was very deep and examined a lot more of the mental and emotional side of our combat experiences. To be truthful, I wasn’t as prepared for the types of questions in this one, so if my responses sound a bit off or taken aback, that's because I was. I do however think that discussions like these are important for the broader understanding of what veterans go through on deployments. The episode will be out soon, and I encourage you to follow and listen to these excellently produced shows. Check them out here!:

(Once my episode comes out, I will update with a direct link)

Thank you to everyone that has ordered a book for themselves, and/or for someone special in their life. The reviews that I have received on Amazon and GoodReads have been outstanding, and incredibly helpful in convincing the algorithms to start placing Scouts Out! higher up in the search returns and recommendations. If you're still reading, I'd love to hear what you think on there once you've finished!

Also, feel free to drop me a line directly, as I'm always happy to talk to readers.

It's been a crazy ride, and I appreciate you joining along with me.

Take care!


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