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Countdown to Launch!

Patience, perseverance, and a tenacious drive to never give up, that is what Scouts Out! has ultimately required. Despite past set backs and a steep learning curve, we have finally arrived on the day that I can give a positive and solid behind-the-scenes update!

Bottom line, the book is completely finished. What you see here is the finalized cover, which I am in love with. Included within the book are 70 original photos and custom made, wonderfully illustrated maps. In all, I am beyond pleased with the resulting professional presentation that Scouts Out! has gained through hiring such brilliant and talented people, to include a book designer from all the way over in northern England.

In about a week, I will be receiving a physical sample copy. This will allow me to ensure that in actual print, the book meets the quality printing standards expected and deserved of this work.

The final process leading to the full book release lies with the Defense Office of Prepublication and Security review. The DoD will have an appointed representative read the book to ensure that no unauthorized or classified material is being presented. Fortunately, I took great pains to ensure that nothing within should be met with big and ugly black redaction bars. That said, as much as I fought this inevitability, I do legally have to go through this process before being able to bring Scouts Out! to market.

As far as the expected timeline goes for this process, I will update when I have more information. It is my understanding that the expected lead time (as of this writing) is 3-6 months. Once I have the all-clear stamp from the DoD, I will provide further information so that you may easily obtain one of the following book mediums of your choice. There will ultimately be two versions in physical print—a hardcover, and a soft cover. A nice, first edition signed hardcover is expected to kick off the book launch and will initially be available to the most ardent supporters and readers of this blog. Of course, an ebook version will also be available via the standard avenues (Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble Nook, etc).

To each of you reading this right now, I cannot convey how much your support has meant. While we wait to see what the DoD has in store for Scouts Out!, rest assured that I will continue to provide progress updates and interesting photos now and again on Instagram

(@scoutsoutbook is the account to follow for these, and a hyperlink exists at the bottom of each page on this site to take you directly there).

Additionally, as you may or may not have noticed, my website has received a facelift. Included now in the menu is a new section for Podcasts and Media. Here I will include any articles, write ups, or podcasts relating to the book. At present, the only link is for the Fighter Pilot Pocast’s episode 89, where I was interviewed about all things related to the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior and our mission. It was an enjoyable experience to be on the show, and I encourage anyone who enjoys podcasts to check them out. Now that the book is complete and I can focus on branching out, stand by for what fun awaits in this particular space!

I hope to have more news very soon, to include posting a video of my first unboxing of the physical-proof review copy of Scouts Out! once it arrives on my doorstep.

It’s going to be better than any Christmas morning has ever been.

Until then, take care and I really appreciate the continued support!

“Scouts Out!”


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