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A Podcast & Moving Toward Success!

Updated: May 19, 2021

Here's an update!

First and foremost, I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy. I appreciate you stopping by to see what's going on with Scouts Out! and wanted to share a few pieces of information.

This month, I was honored to be selected for an interview for "Army Aviation Month" on the Fighter Pilot Podcast! I spoke all about the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, and the podcast was a blast to make. I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out or how great the host, Vincent Aiello, was.

The podcast may be accessed directly here:

I also encourage those interested to check out the many other fascinating interviews available.

At the end of the podcast, we spoke about my book project and the search for agents and publishers. Mr. Aiello forwarded my information to some very helpful individuals, and the search for a publishing home is proceeding as planned.

I am happy to report that one interested publisher did also request the manuscript for review, and I await word on that decision to come soon enough. I will continue to seek out representation and publishing opportunities going forward, and will certainly give the good news on this blog once a deal has been secured and that fantastic day for me to announce it has come.

This year continues to present a multitude of challenges for everyone, but rest assured that I am fully committed to seeing this adventure through and presenting readers with a quality book.

I appreciate those who have helped so far, whether that be through contributing stories, assisting me with fact and error checking, or just moral support in general. No one can write a book alone, and I thank you for your continued interest and support!

As more releasable information comes to light, I will continue to keep you posted.

I hope everyone enjoys the podcast as much as I did helping to create it.

Please stay safe, and I hope to get back to everyone soon!

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Ryan Robicheaux
Aug 31, 2020

Appreciate the comment, Jakob. As far as photos go, have no fear because I have plenty to share! Feel free to follow me on Instagram at ScoutsOutBook- I have begun to post a pic or two every week.


Jakob Carlén
Jakob Carlén
Aug 31, 2020

Informative show on FPP which led me here. Hope that the book will hit the markets in the future. I would also be interested in more photos from your time in service, those "Tank on ridge" shots are just wow!

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