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The OH-58D Kiowa Warrior—a deep reconnaissance scout and attack aircraft—was legendary to those it supported. Regularly flying mere feet off of the ground while intentionally drawing enemy fire, almost everyone called Kiowa pilots crazy. Responsible for hunting elusive enemy fighters and protecting those under their charge, Kiowa crews displayed a fierce and intense devotion that was unparalleled.

Through the vantage point of a Kiowa Warrior helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army's Air Cavalry, Scouts Out! offers a truly unique view of the war in Afghanistan. This is accomplished by revealing a deeply personal journey through two deployments, documenting the day-to-day life, struggles, combat, and extreme challenges faced. The after effects of these experiences can be witnessed as Ryan's outlook and very personality are forever altered and changed in unexpected ways. Drawing from copious journals and notes, everything captured in Scouts Out! is raw, real, and in-the-moment. In addition to Ryan's writing, other Kiowa pilots have contributed written accounts which add further balance and enhancement to the story.

Of critical importance to note, an approachable style was maintained that always kept the non-military reader in mind. The result is an immersive and rounded out experience which gives a fascinating glimpse into the little known operations of a Kiowa Warrior squadron participating in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Richly illustrated with 70 original photographs and maps, Scouts Out! presents an essential and accurate narrative of the conflict in Afghanistan, something that has rarely been shared with the public. Devoid of the filler and misleading propaganda that is so pervasive in modern media and writing, Scouts Out! is an engrossing true story from America's longest and least understood war.


Ryan's Note:


Scouts Out! is the result of curating hundreds of thousands of words from notes and journal entries, over six years in the making. In the course of my experience as a Kiowa Warrior pilot, I morph from a fearless, naïve young man into a battle hardened and weary veteran as a result of the raw dose of humanity that only combat can bring. 

My Grandmother's dying words summarized an order:

"Tell them all. Write it down. Tell everyone the truth." 


I present to you a realtime look into a deployment world of chaos, written in the moment with very little retrospect. Scouts Out! is the truth of my experience flying a critical asset to the battlefield while encountering cunning and ruthless enemies in Afghanistan.

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There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.

-Ernest Hemingway

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